Personalized Tote Bags for Teachers – Crayon Letter

Personalized Tote Bags for Teachers – Crayon Letter

totes personalized – .

totes personalized

A perfect gift for the teacher that sparks your child’s creativity!Our jumbo Crayon Letter© Personalized Teacher Tote Bag is an essential accessory to help carry books, papers and manuals back and forth.Choose any letter to be incorporated into our bright and colorful crayon design along with any two line message..A wonderful way to show your classroom’s heartfelt appreciation at the end of the year or for the holidays!

Personalized Tote Bags for TeachersCrayon Letter

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Personalized H2O Tote Bag – Personalized Totes – Bag – Tote – Stay hydrated at the gym, the office or at your favorite summertime event with our handy personalized H2O Bag. Large enough to hold your lunch, sunscreen, library books or gym clothes, this light-weight but spacious bag includes a crescent-shaped outer pocket for a snug fit of your water bottle or other beverages. Available in three vibrant colors, the bag is embroidered with one of our 10 signature thread colors. Measures 15″ x 15″. Available in Blue, Green or Red. Personalized with up to seven letters in your choice of thread color and tied with a matching ribbon.
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Why Personalized Bags Always Recommended

Article by Jnet Verra

Question by Kiwi: How do you feel about personalized items?

Best answer:

Answer by coolquit2
If done tastefully, it would be okay

Answer by Kaykay
it would be okay but i dont like the NEW mrs.smith tho its like there was an old mrs smith

Answer by Mrs Noel ♥6/19/2010♥
Cute for something to wear around the house, tacky to wear on the honeymoon. (People are going to be able to tell you’re newlyweds…lol. Don’t ask me how, they just know…lol.)

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